Infinity Group

Infinity Group is a professional real estate brokerage and advisory firm serving buyers, sellers and tenants around the globe for Metro Manila properties. Our group aims to bridge the gap in real estate in the Philippines.

In recent years, more and more international investors have come to the Philippines to invest on all kinds of properties from office spaces, medical spaces, commercial and high-end luxury condominiums. At the end of each investment, investors have problems of who to lease my property? How can I exit on my investment and earn from my property?

Infinity Group is comprised of a close group of realtors committed to bring projects to fruition as a solution to the increasing demand for commercial offices, medical spaces, and residential properties. Led by its President and CEO, Anne Ricardo, with a team of unrivaled experience and market knowledge. Since its conception in 2012, Infinity Group is evolving to become a leader in the Real Estate brokerage, advisory firm and property management.


To provide commitment and dedication to professionalism, efficiency, and service-oriented work environment in pursuit of growth and success to achieve long term business relationships with transparency, integrity, honor and respect.


To become a diversified global real estate company for branded and luxury condimiums, resorts, commercial listings, and other investment opportunities of unique value.