Leasing Services

Re-sale Assistance
Loan Assitance Services
Turnover & Unit Inspection Services
Tenancy & Marketing

Engagement of Services

For Landlords or Unit Owners


  • Rental Survey
  • Collection of Rental
  • Adjustment of Rent (as required)

Repair & Maintenance

  • Bills payment (RPT Tax / Common Area Tax / Building Insurance)
  • Handling of Repairs (fees are dependent on the contractor; if needed)
  • Handling of Maintenance
  • Quarterly Inspection


  • Monthly reporting of accounts
  • Maintenance of records of accounts
  • Filing of annual property taxex (RPT Tax)
  • For non-registered business, Infinity Group will issue official receipts for commercial spaces such as offices, medical clinics and retail spaces

Tenant & Marketing

  • Advertising and Marketing of the commercial clinic or residential space
  • Taking of high-quality photos for Marketing
  • Promotions through free ads
  • Promotions through Premium Ads such as BOOST on social media, online presence in real estate websites and Infinity Website for higherand selected reach
  • Screening of Prospect tenants
  • Attending to Inquiries
  • Facilitating viewing of units
  • Assistance for securing permits and documentation for tenants
  • Handling of complaints, emergencies with tenants
  • Assistance in Eviction, if neeeded